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Who Are Slumbersac?

Slumbersac is a baby sleeping bag manufacturer based in Dorset, England that exports its products all across the globe.

What Did Our Client Need?

  • Slumbersac came to Blue Thirst originally to help with their UK paid advertising campaigns as they felt they were not getting the level of support required from their current supplier. Blue Thirst took over the UK site initially and allowed Slumbersac to accurately track site revenue and cost of sale
    • Sell products into the UK market below 20% COS
    • Deliver month on month growth on PPC
    • Build new campaigns to target France, Australia, & USA

Was Was Achieved?

usaausCOSfrance COS

What Did Our Client Think?

“We took on Blue Thirst after struggling with our existing marketing agency. Blue Thirst have been great, they got the product and the market straight away. They helped us get our AdWords spend under control and have grown real profits from this channel. They started on the UK campaigns as a test, but once we saw the results we expanded their management into all of our territories and multilingual accounts.”

Karina – Owner of Slumbersac

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