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    Martin: Hello everyone, we hope you’re having another good week! Stay with us to find out the latest updates in digital marketing.

    Katy: Google rolls out organic ‘Popular Products’ listing in mobile search results. Google have announced that they are rolling out a ‘Popular Products’ feature in mobile search results. Showing closely under product listing ads, these products will showcase the most popular products for a merchant. Interestingly, this feature will be solely organic which I think has been done in an effort for Google to sort of give all merchant’s the opportunity to show in results, not just those paying for ads.

    Emily: New Features for LinkedIn Pages. LinkedIn is introducing 3 new features, these are: invite to follow which gives page managers the ability to invite profile connections to follow their page; stream with LinkedIn Live which gives LinkedIn pages the ability to broadcast live streams; and post as a page or member which is a toggle that lets users choose between posting as an individual or an organisation. These new features should be really beneficial in helping pages engage with their followers and interact with them in different ways.

    Lucy: Google January 2020 core update almost done rolling out. The latest core update has almost been completely rolled out. Announced just a week before roll out, the new core update will impact all regions and languages. We are still not completely clear on what this update is. Some advertisers have experienced varying changes in their ranking data due to this update, however it will not affect everyone’s websites. Although you may not notice a big change in your Google experience, you might want to keep an eye on your ranking data as there could be some fluctuations over the coming weeks.

    Martin: IGTV Button Lost from Instagram Homepage. The IGTV button on the Instagram homepage is being removed as a result of low levels of clicks. IGTV content is usually accessed from the main feed, explore page and profiles. IGTV can still be accessed through these channels. This lack of interest in IGTV may come from users not wanting to engage with longer video content as well as creators being hesitant to create and publish this longer content on Instagram. It seems, at least for now, YouTube is still the best channel for creators to publish long videos.

    Martin: Thanks for watching everyone, we hope we’re helping you stay up to date with the latest news and updates. For daily updates follow us on social.