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    Katy: Welcome to this weeks episode of digital marketing news. This week we have an update from twitter and a lot of updates from Google.

    Katy: Google will drop support for structured data on 6th April. is a popular data markup tool used by many sites which helps to optimise rich results in Google. However, they have announced that Google will no longer support this tool anymore. This means site owners will need to convert to the markup before 6th April to ensure they keep their rich results. Google announced that after this change, errors and warning will start showing in search console if you have not changed over. So be sure to update your schema so you don’t lose your rich results.

    Emily: React on Twitter DMs with Emojis. Twitter’s newest feature is the ability to respond to a direct message with an emoji. In order to respond with an emoji users can either double tap on the message and choose an emoji or press the heart plus button to choose. This change follows successful use of the same feature on Facebook and Instagram. I’m sure most users would agree that sometimes reacting via emojis is easier than awkwardly or abruptly ending conversations.

    Lucy: Webpages with Featured Snippets won’t appear twice on page 1. Google have recently announced that a change is coming to featured snippets in search results. This change means there will be no duplicated snippets on organic listings. Previously web pages could appear twice on page 1 of the search results, however now there is only one opportunity for them to show. This change will affect 100% of listings worldwide and may impact your organic listings over coming weeks.

    Emily: Revisiting Similar Pages from Your Search History on Google. It is now easier to revisit groups of similar pages with Google’s Collections in Search feature. The feature uses AI to automatically group together related pages. Users can choose whether to save these created groups or to remove them if they are not useful. This feature is really handy for revisiting pages in the future without having to commit to saving them when they are first seen. However, this feature is only on Google mobile search not desktop.

    Lucy: More Experiments to Come on Google Desktop. Google have announced they will be experimenting with more desktop search layouts and appearances. This follows the change on Google to the ad symbol and the favicon on the organic search results. The current desktop changes allow ads and brands to be more distinguished, we can assume the future tests will follow on from this.

    Katy: Thanks for watching everyone, to stay up to date on the latest videos follow us on social or visit our site.