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    With The MOD, Schools and Google banning the use of Zoom can you use it safely?

    Zoom the video conferencing app has come under fire over the last couple of weeks due to issues surrounding security.  We review what the problems are, how to fix them and should you still be using the software?

    There are a couple of issues around Zoom one of which is the increasing “Zoom-bombing” which is where bombers can guess your meeting is relatively easily then once in your meeting start to play graphic content or hateful messaging, not nice if you are on a sales call.

    The next is as any software becomes more wide used the value of finding exploits in their software becomes more valuable, this means that hackers are taking more notice of this software as the value of finding an exploit increases.

    So to counteract this Zoom brought former Facebook and Yahoo Chief Security Officer Alex Stamos to improve the softwares security on the 8th April 2020.

    In terms of stopping Zoomboming my key points to use Zoom as safely as possible

    1. Use the waiting room feature and manual grant access to users into the conservation room
    2. Don’t share your meeting room id on a public platform
    3. Set the default room to allow only yourself to share screen (can be changed later during meeting)
    4. Lock the room once all attendees are in

    So Zoom is probably safe for coffee shop type conversations but if i wanted a totally secure solution i might consider something else at least in the short term..

    Did you know Googles parent company Alphabet has just completed its first 1000 drone deliveries ?

    Alphabet Inc has been testing a service in rural region of Virginal since it got federal government approval last October

    Alphabet describes the system as a way to fulfilled orders within minutes in a way that produces less CO2 and a land based solution.

    The Mockingbird Cafe in  Christianburg sold 50% more pastries through Wing’s drones in its first weekend with the company than it typically sold, in  store prior to the virus-related business disruptions. Deliveries from Walgreens also involved in the test delivered mostly toilet paper medicine and toothpaste

    Alphabet’s drone delivery company Wing has made its first 1000 deliveries

    The Power of YouTube A YouTube gamer helped raise nearly $660,000 in 12 hours for Covid-19 relief efforts

    The power and adoption of Youtube was shown last week when a multi platform fundraiser rasied more than $1.7M dollars for COD_19.  The #hopefromhome livestream broght together entertainers from YouTube, Facebook, Twitter & Tiktck and was organised by Sean Mclouglin a YouTube creater who goes under the name Jackspeticeye.  His 12 hour live stream raised over $650 thousand dollars alone.

    Donations were facilitated by Tiltify a fundraising platform that .confirmed “Yesterday was the highest number of unique online donations we have ever seen in 12 hours.”

    Funds raised will go to financial and social services to assist vulnerable populations during the global pandemic. , The UN foundations and WHO

    Twitter is now sharing more data with advertisers

    Twitter has made an update to its privacy settings. An option in Twitter’s privacy settings called “Share your data with Twitter’s business partners” used to let you disable sharing of information regarding the ads on the channel that you have watched or engaged with. . That setting still exists, but Twitter now says it has removed your control over “mobile app advertising measurements.”  You can still have this setting enabled and stop sharing information, such as your interests. Other Twitter privacy settings, like disabling web tracking, are still available. 

    This is all due to last year twitter missing it  third-quarter earnings last year.  Its results were marred by issues it blames on a bug that affected ad targeting 

    The company is no longer targeting ads in certain ways because it was using some user data without permission.

    With less information about users, some of Twitter’s advertisers don’t want to pay as much for certain ads, or they might pause or shift spend away.

    This updated should simplify things by giving Twitter more control in the first place.

    Linkedin is offering free premium tools to companies recruiting staff for front line services

    Hiring has changed dramatically in response to the coronavirus pandemic — and more than ever we want to support the well-being of our global communities. We’ve seen healthcare job posts on LinkedIn increase by 35% since the outbreak began. Similarly, supply chains, supermarkets, and freight delivery services are working around the clock to provide resources.

    To help, LinkedIn is offering free job posts for critical organizations who need to quickly find skilled workers to fill critical roles. It’s the least we can do to support those of you who are working tirelessly for all of us.

    Between April 1, 2020 and June 30, 2020:

    • Eligible organizations can post free jobs on LinkedIn.
    • All jobs posted in these categories will receive extra promotion to highly relevant candidates in your area through a special “Urgently Hiring” job category.
    • Job posters can add a screening question to filter for applicants who are immediately available to start.

    Here are the essential organizations with access to free jobs:

    • Healthcare, including hospitals, clinics, medical devices, medical practice, and mental health
    • Supermarkets
    • Warehousing
    • Freight delivery services

    Visit For more information