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    Martin: Welcome to this week’s digital marketing news round up. This week we have news from: Google Search Console, Google Ads, Facebook and SEO. Keep watching to find out the latest news!

    Lucy: Google Search Console Releases New Messages Feature. This new feature allows publishers to access a panel where they can view messages from Google, allowing easier communication between Google and Publishers. To access these messages just click on the bell icon in the top right corner of Google Search Console. This new feature will improve the flow of using Search Console and will allow publishers to access their messages without having to leave their page. Furthermore, the messages will be categorised making it a lot easier to find the messages that are relevant to you.

    Lucy: The Optimisation Score on Google Ads Now Includes Display Campaigns. The optimisation score that Google gives to provide recommendations and improvements to campaigns will now include display, whereas previously it only included search and shopping. There will be display-specific recommendations. To view the optimisation score once in Google Ads, go to the relevant account and click the ‘recommendations’ tab from the menu. Getting recommendations for display campaigns will be incredibly useful to lots of advertisers as they can make up a large part of accounts. Additionally, the recommendations given with optimisation scores can highlight issues which may not otherwise be reviewed.

    Katy: Google is Working on Adding Package Tracking to Search Results. Google is testing integrating package tracking into search results. This new feature will show in Google search results when a user types ‘[company name] package tracking’. From here, users can enter their tracking number and be shown a to-date report of where their package is. To get involved, tracking companies will need to opt in, which is completely voluntary. It’s probable that the likes of UPS and DPD will jump on this feature, but they should be aware of the drop in traffic to their sites this could cause.

    Emily: 3 New Ad Reporting Tools For Facebook. These new reporting tools are: cross-account reporting which allows advertisers to see metrics from more than one account on one dashboard; custom metrics which means advertisers can create their own metrics relevant to them; and conversion path reporting which will be useful in tracking the interactions of a user before they purchase. These tools are another addition to Facebook Business Manager which help with viewing and analysing data. These reporting tools will be very handy in creating data reports and developing a better understanding of customers.

    Emily: BERT for Google is Rolling Out Worldwide. The BERT algorithm which is designed to better understand search queries is rolling out worldwide. We previously reported on the introduction of BERT on just English US searches, now BERT will affect 72 different language searches. BERT in theory should drastically improve SERPs and with the introduction of multiple languages it should help a wider range of users

    Martin: Thank you for watching! This is the last video for a while as we will be off on our Christmas holidays. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from all of us at Blue Thirst. See you in 2020!