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    Martin: Welcome to this weeks digital marketing news round up, we have news from Google Search Console, Google Search, LinkedIn and TikTok.

    Katy: Google Search Console Now Send Email Alerts for Spikes in Traffic. Google are alerting users of their search console when there are spikes in search traffic. The email says “your page is trending up” and includes the page’s average daily clicks over the last few days. They also note the percentage increase. Google will also attempt to explain why this increase has occurred. Google Search console have sent emails like this previously based on weekly data. But they are now sending data from as little as 3 days which allows site owners to capitalise on this increase more quickly.

    Emily: New Icons for Images on Google Search. Images in Google search will now appear with an icon in the search results page. The icons will apply to images if they are from a product page, recipe or video. This will let users know what type of content the image has come from and will lead to. This icon will replace the current image dimension that appeared in the corner of an image. Being transparent about where an image has come from and will lead to will help users better navigate their way through image search.

    Lucy: Google Lets Users Download Complete Sets of Data from Search Console. Google is rolling out an update to Search Console allowing users to download complete sets of data. Previously you could only download specific table views giving often incomplete data. You will now be able to download; a list of issues and affected pages, a daily breakdown of pages and their status and details of drilled-down data views. This change is going to make it much easier to quickly access thorough data sets and is available immediately.

    Katy: LinkedIn to Get a Story Feature. Much like Instagram stories, LinkedIn is gaining a feature which will allow users to share stories. The length of these stories have not been confirmed and the stories are currently being tested internally. A test of the stories could be coming to users in the coming months. Introducing a more casual aspect ot the platform may entice more users who are discouraged by the professional nature and may feel they can more freely interact with LinkedIn and those they connect with.

    Emily: Website Links in TikTok Profiles. Within TikTok bios some users have included website links. On TikTok you can add your website link, by clicking ‘edit profile’ and ‘add your website’. This feature isn’t available to everyone but should become available soon. If your business decides to have a bit of fun and create a TikTok profile, adding your website will be a good way to persuade users to interact with the more professional side of your company.

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